She Killed It With Kisses and From It She Fled

It is appalling how grossly distorted the idea of beauty has become these days. The belief that thin equals beautiful has been around forever, yes. But surely, floating somewhere amidst the never-ending list of  diet-trends and preposterous new-age exercises (yogarobics, seriously?) shouldn’t people realise by now that something is distastefully wrong with society, especially since there came an era in which women were actually made to believe that there is no such thing as being too thin?

It is heart-wrenching to see the sort of pressure society presses upon women of all ages to look beautiful. While it is completely alright to want to look attractive, to inspire envy and admiration, it is equally wrong to be forcefed into believing that there is only one kind of look that is passable as beautiful; that there is only way to be deemed what society has mindwashed the rest of the world to believe is how all woman should look to be even considered attractive. It is not alright to paint the picture of a gaunt hollow shell of woman with twigs for limbs as the epitome of beauty.

Incidentally, Anorexia Nervosa was the topic I chose to present on for my Informative Speech for Public Speaking tomorrow. It was while reading up on the deadly disease that I came to realise how common it has actually grown to be. Off the top of my head, I can already think of a few girls whom I know on a personal level who was unfortunate enough to encounter the monster, and a few more who still are battling it. Who do we put the blame on when it comes to sourcing for the cause of this detrimental fatality?

More importantly, how can this be anything close to beautiful?


Gah – just looking at her gives me goosepimples.

On a less revolting note, to celebrate the end of his Mid-Terms and er… the middle of the week (heh) Aris and I were suddenly feeling Japanese so that’s what we unanimously agreed upon to have for dinner. The fact that the coolest sushi chef we know works the kitchen at The Curve’s Senjyu Sushi made deciding where to go a pleasant breeze. Japanese fare has never been my fave but I thought I’d give it a go this time round. If you’re wondering what makes tonight so special, to be completely honest, it was because I was more excited about seeing Rekka do his thang than actually eating the end result x)


Who knew the day would come that I’d sit myself willingly down in a Japanese restaurant, and pop into my mouth one weird roll of some sorta weird shellfish after another? =D

Someone looking just a tiny little bit awestruck at what Rekka can do to a strip of salmon with simply your regular household kitchen knife, heh. Psst, lookie who’s a left-hander! =DDD

Rekka! Sushi chef extraordinaire who made me this really yummy rolled up thingy with fried soft shelled crab inside, heh. I also learnt from him that the stench of salmon stays on your hands for days after if you’re stupid enough to handle them without gloves.


Testing out my cellphone’s cam on nightmode. It’s retarded how I have a DSLR but take pictures for my blog with my 2MP cellphone cam hahaha!

The funniest ingredients go into a sushi roll I swear. Avocado, deep-fried tempura prawns, mango and cucumber slices. How does that even work?? Look at the concentration on Rekka’s face x) Think of all the dedication that goes into a single sushi roll the next time you chomp on one without so much as a second thought! It takes effort way beyond that which I can imagine =S


Rekka managed to sneak a picture for me when one of the meaner co-workers wasn’t looking.

It had been a good day, one complemented by free Clinique make-up, streams of empty chatter about everything and nothing, capped off with a highly entertaining dinner and a very insightful hunt for toiletpaper and toothpaste. Little things, he had said. I may finally be learning =)

P/S: As you may have noticed, I’ve failed tragically at keeping a food journal, reason being that I didn’t manage to figure out how to keep track of a bite here of cheesecake and a nibble there of peanut butter cookies =(


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