Sing to Me the Song of the Stars of Your Galaxy Dancing and Laughing and Laughing Again

Hello! How is everyone holding up? =)

So much has happened to me in the last two days that it certainly feels much longer than just 48 hours. What is it about December that seems to continually time-warp me into the next week before I’m done with the current one?? Time is just flying by me! The coveted 11th of December when we get to head back to Penang, which had once seemed so long and far away, is now only two more days away! I should have known everything would just breeze by the moment the first came around. Can you tell how excited I am at going home? =D

So what have we been up to?

Benny stayed over the Monday after wakeboarding and, arm in arm with the Ninja Rabbit, pretty much turned our little place into a mini cyber cafe. They Team Fortress 2-ed and Call of Duty-d till the wee hours of the morning, leaving me sleepless and miserable even at 3am; I could hear them shouting instructions to each other while I was trying my hardest to catch some Z’s to make it for my morning run. Needless to day, I didn’t make it that morning. The cheeky boy even found some time to terrorize his hamsters in between games.

One of the reasons for my liking December the best, is because everyone’s home for the holidays! Friends whom you’ve not seen in years due to their obligations to their studies, people who have been away far and wide regardless for work or play. It’s always so nice having everyone back in the same location, especially those whom you had thought were gonna be away for close to ever when they first boarded their respective planes and took off.

For the first time in nearly two years, my Food Buddies were all back together again after the better half of us left for Australia. Founded and bonded in tie and passion in our Foundation year in college, we were close to inseparable, with food being our sisterhood adhesive. It had been a lonely year and a half without them around; food just didn’t taste the same without our giggly ruckus everywhere we went and noisy “Try this! Try this!” right before the explosion of noisy clatter of cutlery and plates as we switched entrees every few minutes so as to ensure everyone’s gotten a taste of everything.

It was so nice seeing everyone together again!

Holding true to our Food Buddies oath, we met up for – what else – food, and over a table laden with the most scrumptious meatballs and sinful Almond Daim Cake, we also indulged in something quite customary to every girl whenever reunited with her usual posse. We took photos. We shamelessly took close to 200 photos according to my camera counter, and that’s just those from my Canon! There were three cameras hard at work that day so you can only imagine how many times a flash was fired out of absolutely no-where and how many times we stopped to fix our hair before resuming smiling at the camera like we had not a worry in the world.

In our own little ways, we had all grown up and undergone a little bit of change that marked that little progress closer towards adulthood. Yet, in our own little ways, we had all also still stayed the same. How cool are Jia’s purple highlights and KZ’s undershave? Totally makes me wanna go crazy with my own hair now. Red is getting just a tad bit boring if I may say so.

Debra looking all pretty as she always does.


Eat we did that afternoon at Ikea, everyone’s favourite place in the world when it comes to juicy beef meatballs. I personally find their chicken wings their best dish, and woe be anyone who stands in the way of me and my wings when I’m there =D The Ninja Rabbit has found a new sugar addiction to replace that of Red Bull. He liked this Cherry Cola so much that he really did consider buying an entire crate home x)

After food, as is written in our rulebook, is dessert! And it being Wednesday, it was the perfect time to indulge in some Baskin Robbins thanks to their Pink Wednesday promo. Two Junior Scoops for the price of one – reason enough to be caught wearing pink, I suppose! Anything for ice cream, right? Tehehehehe.

But on our way there, the camera Goddesses in us only naturally got sidetracked. Everything suddenly seemed memory-worthy and we for some reason just really wanted a picture with it hahaha.

Like the white walls of the mall,

tacky Christmas deco that we’ll not even have given a second look other than today,

a snow globe, albeith a rather ugly one,

more Christmas deco,

a giant duck,

last minute Christmas shoppers rushing to finish their shopping list (HAHAHA!)

and yes, even with the giant trees which we probably have passed by something like 50 times before suddenly deciding it’s really pretty and hence we should have a picture with it.

Finally, after many detours and backtracks, we made it to the icecream parlour with everyone in tow. Girls are very easily distracted things, I learnt today, heh.


Jess, possibly the only other person I know who can get more excited than me at the prospect of ice cream =D

I love this last series of pictures because, though only at a surface level, they’ve managed to capture the closeness that’s held us together all through Foundation, Degree, and thereafter, many seas and ocean to follow. We’ve gotten close in our first year of college as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed freshmen, and stayed close through sophomore and junior year. Now that we’re all seniors, I’m more than just plain glad that we’re still this tight =)

I wish the afternoon could’ve lasted forever, but hanging around an ice cream parlour with no more ice cream is nothing short of torture. So we left and went our separate ways, but not without making plans to meet up again of course =)

If only all our respective Decembers weren’t so jam-packed with plans and meet-ups with other friends. Our next meeting wouldn’t be till January!

But even so, come January, we’ll have two long months to ourselves before Jess and Jia have to jet-set back to Australia again. We’ll make the most out of it, we always do.

Long live the Food Buddies! In food and all dessert we trust! =DDD

  1. Gosh, you make us sound cooler than we really are. Now I’m starting to suspect that your Pg friends aren’t really as awesome as you make them out to be. HAHA!

  2. @Sarah: yea, I’ve learnt to hold on tight and treasure the few handful you manage to find who are true and genuine because you only get so lucky once =)

    @Jia: I do not! I just narrated as and how our day went! what are you talking about? LOL

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