Slander the Scoundrel

Today, my dear friends, will from now onwards, be known as the day that many things happened all at once. I breathed, I ate, and… wait for it… I stepped on a freaking inch-long nail.

Seriously though, I did step on a freaking inch-long nail. Thank God the soles of my sneakers were thick enough, so all I felt was the tiniest little prick that alerted me of what’s happened before major damage occured. And it was a pointy little bugger that I stepped on, just so you know, that which left quite a hole in my shoe after I had it removed with Dila’s borrowed scissors because we couldn’t get our hands on a pair of pliers =D

All through it, it didn’t pass by me unnoticed that I had skipped school the very day the nurses came and gave everyone the Tethanus shot almost three whole years ago now. Heh. I even remember why I had skipped: basketball training the night before had lasted till near 11pm. I never thought I’d live to see the day I’ll say this, but that is one day of school I wished I had gone. Then at least I wouldn’t be this fragile when in the presence of anything sharp and rusty.

On a completely unrelated note, two days from now would see me being shipped off into some Godforsaken jungle in Perak for this Leadership Camp that the college has made compulsary for all students to attend. Pardon me for not jumping for joy. I’m not so much dreading what we’ll be made to do there, as much as I am of the fact that we have to go. That’s three days of my life that I’ll never get back!

See, I’ve always found camps to be nothing but a complete waste of time. They serve no apparent purpose but to deprive you of sleep. I’ve gone to probably one camp in my entire life and it was enough to have me swear them off for eternity. Basketball camps don’t count though, as you train there with players from other states. That works to your benefit because you get to learn different techniques from different teams. Camp camps however, involve a bunch of kids grouping up together like silly girlguides to brave the rough outdoors or something along those lines, that of which isn’t all that rough to begin with. My refusal to attend camps goes way back. Just ask Madeline – as one of the chairpersons of our girlguide company, it was all she could do to try to keep me from getting kicked out of the uniform body; the others thought the company was better off without me; I not only never participated in camps and guiding activities, I don’t even attend meetings. Heh. In my defense, it’s not my fault your stupid meetings have to be held when there’s basketball training going on, and you know I cannot skip training =P

Those who have gone for the camp told me I’ll have loads of fun there, something which I hope for the life of them is true. That, and the food’s supposedly really good too, some all-you-can-eat thing, so I guess it can’t be all that bad. It sucks though that I have to be enlisted for this particular batch, as it falls on the very weekend Yuh Ting has initially planned to drop by. Because there’s nothing I can do about it, what more try to bribe the dumb guy at the admin office to have me deferred for the later camp at the end of the month, Yuh Ting’s coming down the week after instead. Stupid camp.

But if there’s anyone who should be complaining about the placement, it sure as hell isn’t me. The camp is going to be held from the 13th to the 15th of March, and guess whose birthday falls spot on right in the middle, say the 14th? LOL.

Miss Tan Jen Ny, my ever-suffering roommate who not only would slit her own wrists before engaging in anything that would make her sweat, but is also afraid to death of the dark. She and Jenna should really be friends hahaha.

So (again according to those who have gone) not only would she be made to hike some hill that would take close to two hours on the eve of her birthday, she’ll also be left there when we reach the peak for quite a period of time all alone in the jungle, close to midnight. This is supposed to test your patience or something; don’t ask me, I don’t see the bloody point either. Then, on the dawn of her birthday, she’ll be made to run 2km, that of which if she doesn’t finish, she doesn’t get breakfast. I really hope she doesn’t just drop dead and die XD XD

You know, maybe this camp wouldn’t be that bad after all… ROFL.

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  1. its gonna be fun. unless u wanna count in the sleeping hours. other than that. think of it as meeting new friends! XD
    d food is eatable hahaha. didnt see any complains frm them when it was my batch. u should have join our batch. T_T
    ouh well.. if it really is tat bored juz text any of us. we will teman u through technology frm KL. XD

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