You know someone’s a true friend when you call him at 4.07 am in the morning just to ask how does the Penang state anthem go again, and with all the sleep in his voice and grogginess in the slur of his words, he sings it to you, one out-of-tune line to the next out-of-tune line.

6 more days till I’m home! =)


    And i am so sorry i didnt reply your messages. Since i am online already, might as well just leave you a comment here. Was out the whole day for the past two days. Haha. Total freedom eh? Lol. Don’t know what should i do tonight though. :P Maybe head out again ? Lol. But i should be studying and doing things that matter actually.

    I HAVE THINGS TO TELL YOU. But let’s wait till you get back. Haha.

  2. oh your parents left for china already? i thought they weren’t due to go till may?? No wonder you were out at such a late hour I was wondering just how did you get pass your parents XD XD

    I have loads to tell you too!! oh my gosh! i cant wait for exams to be over! lalala.

    missing you guys loads! hugs.

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