Stupid Energizer Bunny

My roommate, who usually hasn’t got much to say, just like how she’s always been the sweet, demure one between the two of us, just told me to jump out the window. HAHAHAHAHA.

She says I’m exceptionally hyper tonight, as if I’ve got a tonne of energy compressed within me and have no outlet to release it. I guess she’s got a point, considering how I’m actually laughing and giggling to myself rather nonsensically, all the while singing along at the top of my lungs to Sum 41’s With Me.

I blame it on all on the 345925350 peanut butter and chocolate cookies I just had tehehehehe. They were so yummy so despite my resolution to watch what I consume from now on, I finished the entire thing anyway =D

See, this is the reason why my Mum never lets me have coffee. I get three times worse than how I am now wahahahahaha.

I want you to know
With everything I won’t let this go
Cause these words are my heart and soul
I’ll hold on to these moments you know
Cause I’ll bleed out my heart just to show
That I won’t let go……..!!!!


I feel like going for yet another 15 rounds around the carpark eventhough I did just that merely two hours ago tehehehe. Such is how much energy I have residing in me. At this point, I feel up for anything; I have a feeling I’m able to take on anything at all that you might choose to throw my way. Not only that, I even am confident enough to declare that I will rise victorious at the end of it =P

Why can’t I feel like this during the day – like when I’m in class?? LOL. Then maybe I can actually get some learning done =D =D


As of right now, my rommate’s staring at me all weird cause I’m kinda bobbing my head all funny to Son of Dork’s Ticket Outta Loserville hahahaha. Yo, Bern! I still think Dave Williams is hot!!

Pinch me is this real?
I’m on a one-way ticket out of Loserville
Now I’m off the social flat line

Things are so good that I’m
Taking down my Star-Trek shrine
Cuz you’re more than just my Valentine

You’re my ticket outta Loserville

Lalala. I feel like going for a game of one-on-one tehehehehe. Unfortunately, I’m 374243miles from home and that stupid basketball court in RECSAM that’s so badly maintained the baskets would fall off if ever anyone attempts a dunk. That, and Jack, who used to be the only one who would entertain me and my odd compulsions to do the most irrational things at the most irrational hours, too is back in Penang. But no worries, I have Sugarcult to wear me out at the moment =D =D

Pray my energy runs out before I break my bed jumping on it. WHEE~!!

Something’s gotta change again
I’m losing, my inspirations gone, oh no oh no
Seeing through some different eyes
I can’t find, my medications failed, again again
I can feel a change, I can feel – can you feel it?
See it on the street, watching heat from the pavement
Cause I’m here, ready to take it all here
Everything’s feeling unclear
I wish it was raining
Cause I hate every beautiful day

You might be wondering how I can be feeling so hyper while listening to emo songs like that. Honestly, I don’t know either hahahahaha. I do wonder myself sometimes. But considering how they’re songs with very loud and high guitar chords, that should be your answer, if anything is ever gonna be =P

Oh, God, I feel like I’m going into a heart arrest. Breathe…

I’m staying away from anything at all that contains a dismayingly high content of sugar from now onwards =.=

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