Swimming with BCL Browlash 24 Hours Eyeliner

The weather has been particularly warm lately, we all can agree on that. A quick run to the grocery store can leave me all sticky and clammy, and that’s right after I’ve just taken my shower! It’s horrible because I have to shower up to 3 times a day lately, and let’s not get started on how oily my face gets from the heat and humidity. I shudder to think of how many times I’ve had to meet people with my face gleaming (and not in a good way!) and eye make up all smudged!

As if the universe could read my mind, I was given BCL’s latest Browlash 24 Hours Eyeliner to try to counter the woes of smudged eyeliner. I cannot live without my eyeliner — it’s my number one make up staple, if you must know — so this was every bit a God-sent!

This little baby claims to last all of 24 hours without smudging. It is resistant to water, sebum, humidity, and would not budge even the slightest bit after application unless you use proper eye make up remover on it. We’ve all heard many other brands and products that claim the same thing but time and again they’ve let me down. Maybe it’s because I have extremely oily lids but there has got to be one brand out there that works for me!

Let’s see if this BCL Browlash Eyeliner lives up to all it claims!

It says on the packaging that it is water-proof, so I thought what better way to test that out than to jump right into the pool myself hehehe. Plus with the insane post-summer heat we’re stuck in right now, a dip in cold, crisp water sounds like just the thing I need!

I made sure to wear the eyeliner just before getting into the waters. My neighbours must’ve thought I’m crazy. Wearing make up to go swimming haha. In my defense, I’m wearing one that was made for this exact purpose! ;]

There are a few things I very much like about the packaging.

Unlike most eyeliners, its pen is designed slightly thicker so it makes grasping it a lot more comfortable. A good grasp determines how steady a line you’ll end up drawing, so those of you who like to draw your eyeliner in really fine lines that don’t extend beyond the lash-line, you’ll appreciate this!

It comes in a special felt tip as opposed to most other brands that come with a brush. The felt tip makes for easier application because it is stiff enough for maximum drawing control, yet not too soft so as to leave you with a messy, crooked mess! It has an incredibly fine point too (thinner than the ballpen I use for work!) so you no longer have to worry about reaching those tight corners near your inner lids!

Most liquid liners end up looking very stark on me (maybe because I tend to apply too much of it haha) but this one looked as natural as some of my pencil liners. Its colour is consistent and the black comes out bold, strong and vivid. It helped define my eyes just right without making me look like an Indian Classical Dancer!

By dabbing it lightly instead of pressing down for a strong unbroken line, I was also able to line my lower lashline in the way I always do with my pencil liners. Can’t tell this was all done with a liquid liner, can you? =P

Seriously, the tip is so fine, you can even use it for calligraphy hahaha!

Time to cool things off in the pool!

There are many things I love about my condo, and the pool accounts for about 30% of it LOL. Everyone who visits goes gaga over it and wait till you see it at night! Backdropped against the city night lights of Kota Damansara, it looks like a scene right out of some sort of holiday resort!

Is there a sight more adorable than itsy bitsy toes sticking out of the surface of the water like little worms? xD

I can’t swim — I know, I grew up on an island but I can’t swim, hur hur hur — but just dipping in the water almost always helps melt the stress of the day away. I’m extremely ticklish too so I’ve never enjoyed a massage. Sitting in the shallow end and having the waves rock me back and forth gently is my equivalent to a full-body Thai massage. Now if only we have a private heated jacuzzi, hehehe…

The Ninja Rabbit has attempted to teach me how to swim a few times but let’s just say I’m more of a land-person haha. I can’t even float no matter how hard I try! If I were to fall off a ship that would be the end of me LOLOLOLOL.

I call this my facial cleanser commercial shot HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

L’oreal should totally hire me, man. I’m washing my face with highly chlorinated pool water but let’s just pretend it’s Evian.

See, not a single smudge from the eyeliner!! Even I wasn’t expecting results so amazing. I franky did not believe it would hold up so well. I guess we learn something new everyday =D

Even the Hello I wrote my knee stayed stubborn as a bull! And we were in the water for something like almost 2 hours!

That’s it, I’m ditching my Revlon and switching to this from now on. No more meeting clients and conducting interviews looking like a panda!! =D =D =D

The eyeliner helped me look so good, we even got caught on camera by the paparazzis hahahaha! I kid, I kid!! Yes, we used a self-timer for this. But the papparazzi story was way more interesting wasn’t it =P

The eyeliner really stayed on even after we got out of the pool and headed home for a shower. The Hello on my leg refused to disappear even after I used my body shower gel on it. What sorcery is this?? I only finally managed to remove it by using my make-up remover.

I guess that proves it. BCL Browlash 24 Hours Eyeliner really is water, sebum and humidity resistant!

There is one thing about the eyeliner that boggles me though. Its cap comes with this special springy inside casing. For the life of me I can’t figure out the purpose of it. If anyone of you know, do help enlighten me!

BCL Browlash 24 Hours Eyeliner comes in 2 colours, Deep Black and Deep Brown. They retail at RM59.90 and are available for purchase at selected SASA outlets now. Go get your hands on yours today!

For more information on the eyeliner or any of BCL’s other products, check out their Facebook page here.

Happy Sunday, everyone! =D


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