Telltale Signs

I wish the sun would go hide behind a cloud or something. It’s now near 6pm yet the heat outside is as if it was no more than 2 in the afternoon!! Gah.

I haven’t got anything that’s of much importance to say here actually. Just waiting till the sun isn’t so murderously scorching outside so I can go for my run. I’m not usually this afraid of the sun (you’re talking to someone who’s braved 4-5hours under the afternoon sun almost on a daily basis back in her basketball days) but today seems to be exceptionally sweltering. I took a walk down the block to see what’s good for lunch earlier and nearly died; that’s how bad it is. I could literally feel my skin searing itself off my flesh =S

I can think of so many other things I should be doing right now but am not in the mood nor the position to be doing them. I’m feeling oddly uninspired. I want a double cheeseburger.

This is what I hate most about Sunday afternoons, especially if it were a hot, stuffy – not to mention, sweaty – Sunday afternoon. I feel all weighed down, as if my brain’s turned into nothing more than a mush of peanut butter and banana blended in a mixer into a thick, lumpy smoothie. Oh yuck, there goes my craving for peanut butter and chocolate doughnuts.

Who am I kidding, when does my craving for peanut butter and chocolate doughnuts ever cease? Hah.

I want crackers with cream cheese. I love cheese. Have I told you guys how much I love cheese? Jo-Wyee makes fun of my fetish for cheese all the time. He told me to go have laksa with cheese once. I miss Yuh Ting.

I would go to sleep if only I didn’t just wake up at 3.30 just now. Was out rather late last night with Chirag and Raymond. Even ran into Derald while having a round of pool at Breakers in Hartamas! Haha. He always struck me as a stay-at-home kinda guy so I was pretty surprised to see him out at that hour XD He came over to say hi and to inform us he was heading over to Decanters. He was in the preppiest collared shirt I’ve ever seen heh.

I’m rambling again. Jolene isn’t replying my messages =( Just like how she didn’t either when I texted her the night before. I hope Michelle wouldn’t be too mad at me for standing her up last night. And on the eve of her 21st birthday while at it heh. In my defense, I really didn’t feel like clubbing so her selection of venue to celebrate her 21st was really not working for me. I think that girl clubs too much. Then again, that’s just me.

Happy 21st darl! Though we all know how you secretly wish you’re back in Oman instead of being stuck celebrating your birthday here ;)

So my Dad called. He was all excited like a little boy with a new toy car when he told me they got a new LCD TV back home. My sister couldn’t be more nonchalant about it though when I asked her how big it was and stuff. She just said she failed to secure the old TV and that my brother won the fight to keep it in his room. Looks like we won’t be seeing alot of him in a while.

The sun’s gone down a little – Whee~! See you all in a bit! =D

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