The Hogwarts Express

Of the many Halloween parties I’ve ever attended since my very first one at Daphne’s very splendid home all the way back in 2004, this year’s celebration organized by the Department of Psychology at the main block of HELP University College proved to be the most unique one yet. Given the craze the whole world saw with the entire Harry Potter fad, I gotta admit it was rather dense of us to not have thought of using the magical world of Harry Potter as the theme to the many Halloween parties we’ve thrown over the years. Gone are the days of Playboy Playmates in their skimpy bunny outfits and slicked back hair and dark shades ala John Travolta in Grease. What people want nowadays is something more surreal – to be transported to a world where witches and warlocks roamed the streets and the darkest creatures of the night were an everyday sight, a world from which Halloween itself was born.


To be completely honest, I hadn’t intended on going at all. Given the amount of assignments piling themselves slowly but surely onto my table and the amount of work I had yet to get started on, whatever Halloween mood I had had been brutally slaughtered before being drained completely dry of whatever party juices I had left. But a peculiar turn of events saw me miraculously finishing a report that has been a bitch all week two whole days early, and with the feeling of deep satisfaction I walked out of the exam hall upon finishing my Communications Theory Mid-Terms paper, the way to my ticket for a night of mindless fun and embarrassing attempts at trying to guess who was supposed to be what was paved and I had no reason to turn it down.


Given how last minute it was before we decided to attend the thing, Aris and I weren’t left with too much time nor privilege to pick out costumes, so we went with what was easiest. And what can be easier than just stopping by Party World and buying two sets of stick on fangs ?

IMG_1633 - Copy

Yes, although not the most original idea in the world, going as vampires would have to do LOL.

IMG_1577 - Copy

As hassle-free and simple as the idea was, the plan proved to be more successful than we would have guessed. We were the only two vampires at the party all night and because we dressed down and were as discreet as discreet was gonna get, many were left intrigued as to what we were supposed to be until we smiled. I personally think that’s how vampires ought to be anyway; subtle and prudent. They’ve lived in disguise amongst the human race for so many hundreds of years after all, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t do it by walking around in long black capes, slicked back, greasy hair and asking everyone they meet on the street if they could drink their blood =P




I had much fun watching the different number of characters who came to live that night; from Grecian princesses and the Corpse Bride to a Roman Trojan and a Priest. We even had that creepy little girl with long black hair walking around with a tattered teddy bear from one of the Japanese horror flicks. Thank God there was no twisted clown; thank God there was no clowns, twisted or not, for that matter! *shudders* Stupid clowns with their stupid grin and stupid hair and stupid overalls with their stupid giant shoes. Pfft. Die, you stupid things, DIE!




The highlight of the night was the walk down the entire 1km stretch of HELP’s main block that has been turned into iconic backdrops from the books. We took a tour down Diagon Alley, Platform 9 and 3/4, the Black Forest, and even Azkaban which came complete with Bellatrix LeStrange screaming like a banshee inside asking to be freed of her chains and shackles. We even got the chance to go through the diary of Tom Riddle, through the heart of which the Basilisk fang was stabbed in the Chamber of Secrets. I personally thought Moaning Myrtle could’ve wept a lot louder and spat a lot more insults but given the many hours the girl’s been there, she must be worn out and tired to her bones from weeping and moaning the unfortunate  fate that befell her LOL. But no one at all could’ve missed Luna Lovegood though tehehehehe. The girl who played her did Luna 10X more the justice that she deserved with her belly-baring top and shimmery pants ;]

IMG_1552 - Copy

Extra credits go to the effort the organizing committee put into setting the entire place up, for the atmosphere and backdrop really were top-notch for the budget they had to work with and make stretch. The turn-out could’ve been better but for a Thursday night, it was commendable. Sdies, it’s not even the 31st yet so maybe everyone else is just saving their costumes for the real day =) Cheer up, KC! It was a very good effort and I mean every word of it.

IMG_1572 - Copy

As I had answered the Corpse Bride sitting solemnly in her little corner with her bouquet of withered flowers when she asked, this party deserves a full 7 out of 10 for effort, enterprising endeavour, and good old-fashioned sense of childish fun =)


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