The Two-Five Surprise

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On the Friday before my birthday, my plan was just to go home, take a loooonng hot shower and snuggle in bed with PopcornTime. It had been a crazy week at work, plus the Ninja and I had booked a weekend getaway to Melaka so I was thinking to myself, best to retire early and get an early start on the trip tomorrow.

The Ninja and a handful of others had other plans.

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He called in the middle of the afternoon and said I had to rush home because there was somewhere really important we both had to be. I don’t know why I didn’t smell something fishy — I guess I was really excited about Melaka and didn’t think he would plan something else on top of the getaway! I blindly believed him until we showed up at this “somewhere important” and I saw about 15 other familiar faces already there.

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Seeing everyone left me quite stunned beyond words. Aside from the surprise — which was really sweet, everyone, thank you so so much for being part of it — I was incredibly moved that everyone  had braved the crazy Friday traffic just to be there. How sweet are this bunch of people??

What kicked me out of my shock was seeing Calvin hahaha. This guy sits right next to me at work and he’s been in the whole secret since the past month apparently. To think all the secrets he’s been keeping from me!

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It really was the best thing seeing everyone who is dear and important at the table. Like Christy and Angie, both of whom had to take on the crazy afterwork KL jam and was there on time.

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Vin’s Restaurant & Bar really outdid themselves. All the balloons were in my favourite colour — red and white — and they’ve even gone the extra mile to scatter rose petals on the table. There was even a special menu for the day with my name on it. I had never felt so special in my life T_T

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All credit goes to this one silly Ninja who was the mastermind behind everything. He’s done it once before on my 22nd birthday and he’s gone and done it again. He’s the sweetest boyfriend there ever is and clearly deserves all the love that night hahaha.

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Tien came even with his bad bout of sinus and Jesslynn rushed all the way from Mandarin Oriental KL. If you have any idea how bad the jam is in that area after work, you’ll know she deserves a medal!

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Eeeps, I was super  happy to see Lincoln and Adrian there too — who came along with a bottle Macallan 12 year old whisky, no less!

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Pinn, too, was in from the beginning and have been keeping tabs on me in the office! In a small moment of confusion, we actually scheduled for a food review on this same evening until she realised what day it was and scrambled to reschedule hahaha.

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When the cake came following the 3-course dinner, it was one of my favourites — cappucino cheese — with the large number 25 candles complete with stars. It really couldn’t get any more perfect.

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I thought that was the end of the surprise but Vin’s had one more surprise up their sleeves — a tray of rainbow birthday shots! They’re not as bad as they look — the reds start off really deliciously sweet before tailing off to a nice tangy end with the greens.

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Clifford! Whom I just saw the night before at the launch party hahaha. That night, he was pretending to be all oblivious that it was my birthday too when I told him I was going to Melaka!

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I was expecting a small quiet celebration this year but everyone showed up and made this birthday so much more than I could ever imagine.

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From the barbecue and whisky buds…

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To the gin and tonic guys…

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To the best wine-sipping, #TatlerLife-living peeps from work hehehe.

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Thank you all for coming and celebrating with me.

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It really means a lot that you were all part of the dawning of my 25th!

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Ahhh look, our picture-perfect class photo hehehe.

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My 24th year has been a good year for which I really can’t complain. There were some downs, but the ups more than made up for the occasional dips. Now I’m just excited to see what 25 has in store!

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Given the high note it started off on, it shouldn’t be anything less than amazing.

I’m officially in the Quarter Century Club, yo! What’s there to do around here? :D

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