The Witching Hour

MSN is annoying the shit out of me, or rather, the Internet here at the hostel is. I keep getting kicked out or not having my messages get through, that I’m this close to just striding out of my room to where the dumb ass WiFi portal is hung somewhere along the corridor and spraypainting it red. Maybe do a lil smirking smiley just to make sure I get the message across =D

I dont know why I stay up this late night after night. If I were doing anything that’s worth staying up this late for, then at least I’ll have an excuse. Sad truth is, I don’t. I stay up and do absolutely nothing. So much for trying to make as much use as I can out of my time heh.

It’s just suddenly dawned on me how it’s now February. January’s come and gone and I hardly even felt it. That should be my wake up call if anything is ever gonna be. Time I realized just how fast indeed time flies and how once it’s gone, I can beg and cry all I want yet it’s not gonna come back. That’s just great =.=

I was at a friend’s blog earlier and read something that deeply unsettled me. She wrote something about how life seems to flash by you the moment you turn eighteen, and would only from then onwards speed up. To a queen procrastinator like me, that’s not exactly news that make my day. I knew there’s a reason for my profound hatred for Physics; especially that chapter regarding acceleration and displacement. Pfft.

I guess why it disturbed me so much was due to the amount of truth pregnant in it. The years do seem to go by in a flash eversince I left high school. How many times have I wished things would slow down every once in a while just so I can take a breather and look at things in retrospect to see how I’m faring? How many times have I found myself gasping for breath simply trying to stay afloat amidst the amount of things that seems to be happening all at once?

It scares me sometimes, the speed at which the days go by in my calender. It’s as if I’ve suddenly awakened from a dream and found myself here in KL when less than a year ago I was 2347520miles away living the life of a pampered and spoiled princess back in Penang. Things had happened so fast that sometimes, when I look back at the order of things, I find myself looking at empty spaces and blanks where cherished and treasured memories should be. This definitely isn’t the way I had things planned out to be.

Then again, I guess that’s how life works. It springs at you the most unexpected little surprises exactly when you’re least expecting it. Call it a shocker, but I prefer to think of those little bolts out of the blue as gifts, if not little paths that would lead you to be the ultimate person you’ll grow up to be in the future. After all, who was it who said the best things in life are those you haven’t been looking out for?

4:11am and I’m in the mood for hotdogs. HAH! Absolutely perfect.

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