There’s a Place Downtown Where the Freaks All Come Around

How psyched are we all for Halloween??? =DDD

After much brain-wracking and even more last minute changes of mind, I’ve finally got my costume down pat. No more fussing, no more “maybe this one would go better with that”, and more importantly, no more splurging on make-up and body glitter just because “I need it for my costume”! In any case, the Ninja Rabbit and I are eyeing that Best Dressed Award with all our might!

I most certainly am not divulging just yet as to what I’m going as, but here’s a sneak peek into what is in store for tomorrow’s pre-Halloween party jointly organized by the Department of Communication of HELP University College, in collaberation with The Multimedia Society and The Event Management Club.

French manicures and fishnet stockings, mmm…

Not my first choice, but after finding out that approximately 8 other girls are highly likely going as Angels of Death as well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to not look like everyone else at the party. Boo, I know. But the good news? This new get-up cost me only a mere RM10. Perfect for a sad, broke soul who had overspent this month’s allowance by having indulged in one too many roadtrips in the span of the past three weeks! ;]

Alas, such is the life of a student!

So then, just what may my other half be going as?

Well, I’m not spilling the beans, but worshippers *Cough* Su Juin* Cough*  of the multi-player online zombie game Left4Dead should be able to recognize the black hoodie sweater, cargo pants and bloodied bandages easy-peasy. Just sayin’!

See you guys there!


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