Yes, Vaseline – the slick and slippery goey paste that will from today henceforth forever be associated with my freshman year in university, along with a certain Miss Kimberley Han Su-Lin and her employment of disposable yoghurt spoons, whenever it is mentioned LOL.

The first day of my second semester hasn’t worked its magic in getting me all excited for a new term. I’d love to be able to add the word “yet” to the end of that sentence but that would just make me a liar.  In fact, I think all my first day today did to me was the exact opposite.

I’ve never felt so passive about anything, so unenthusiastic it worked off even my eagerness to go run 8km later.

Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the lack of sugar in my system; all I feel like doing right now is to just plop into bed and sleep till 6am tomorrow; the Godforsaken hour at which I’ll have to wake up every Monday and Tuesday for the next three months from now no thanks to horrendous 8am classes that almost killed me last semester and upon having failed to accomplish that, seems like is making a return to finish the job. Pfft.

Oh what I wouldn’t do for an ice cold glass of Ribena in bed in this stifling heat. There are actually flies in my room now if I were to leave the windows open for too long, an occurance that’s never happened before!

I soooooo wanna be back in Penang right now, which has been reported to see rain almost 12 hours a day for the past few days in a row. Jia, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! T_T

Sure beats scorching sunlight that leaves whatever exposed bit of you prickling if you so much as step out into it – which for me would be every time I make my way from one class to another.

And to think in any other sane parts of the world, summer is rightfully seeing its last few days before drawing to a complete close. If only we can just anticipate for the heat to go away within simply a few months more just like that, too.

  1. Hello, a very happy, contented and sunburnt Jia leaving this mocking comment on your blog to let you know how much I am enjoying Penang. =P


    tell me tell me what have you seen/done/eaten so far?? I am indeed THAT desperate for even the smallest sliver of that wonderful island XD

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