We Came Down to Watch the World Walk By

So my parents were in town last weekend, together with my entire crew of siblings, and I haven’t been so happy in a long time.

It was a trip of many causes of celebration – my younger sister’s 16th birthday, to try out the mileage optimization of Daddy’s new Prius, and a small family vacay of some sort before my little brother flies off to the States where he’ll be for the next two years or so, shortly after Christmas. It’s been a trip long due in my opinion!

The Ninja Rabbit and I drove up to meet them halfway at their first stop of the weekend. Apparently, there was no where else my sister wanted to spend her sixteenth birthday but at every Malaysian’s favourite place to be: Genting. To each her own, I guess?

But she clearly knew something the rest of us didn’t. There wasn’t a better time to be at Genting. Temperatures dipped as low as 12 degrees Celsius due to the monsoon season we were having, so sneaking away to the little city at the peak of the hill proved a refreshing getaway from the smog and heat of KL we were broiling in.

As much of a cliche as the place may sound, there’s just a magic to it that unfailingly draws families back year after year. It even makes dropping coins into corny wishing wells and squeezing your eyes shut as you whisper your heart’s deepest desires under your breath worth a while. Which was what we did, and what the birthday girl did more than once.

Crazy deranged birthday girl on the loose!

The last time I was here, it was for Benny’s birthday all the way back last year. The place is clearly a favourite for birthdays!

Everything was still as bright and shiny and colourful. The only difference this time was that our whole family was here together, which made all the difference in the world. Given the size of our family, that doesn’t happen a lot. Especially since half of us grew up and headed our separate ways, we’re hardly together as a whole for a good length of time. Because of that, now every chance that we are, it becomes my favourite moment to savour.

Cold as it was that Friday morning, it rained most all day too, unfortunately. We had bought passes to the outdoor themepark so it was terribly disheartening to see the rain come down in relentless sheets of icy cold bites! We skipped in and out of it, just hoping it would stop for merely an hour or two (we’re not asking for much!) so that we get to at least go on a few rides.

Don’t let us have come all the way here and paid that amount of money for nothing! Have some mercy!

Maybe we got lucky and some themepark deity heard our prayers, or maybe the wishing well from earlier in the day worked its magic, it did finally stop raining and we couldn’t have cheered a louder cheer than when the sun came out and shoo-ed away the rainclouds.

We wasted no time in terrorizing the place.

Beginning with first, the level 1 spinning teacups.

Which wasn’t as mild as we predicted it to be. Not when you go full throttle at it!

We wobbled off the platform feeling slightly queasy and a paler shade of green in the face. Never again.

The themepark boasts to carry over more than 40 different rides on its vicinity, but we all know there are only a few that are actually worth queueing up for. To maximise whatever time we had left at the place, we strategized. We were only going to stand in line for those that will leave us white-lipped and pale-faced again, but for the right reasons.

I’m not too ashamed to admit that I’m left shaking down to my toes at the mere thought of a roller-coaster, so I more than willingly settled with just being photographer for most of the rides. Adrenaline rush and all that? I’ll get that from running my 15km, thank you very much. Where my feet are planted safely on the ground. You may proceed without me.

It was so cold and windy that day that my fingers felt frozen clasped over my camera. Through my jeans and leather jacket I could feel the frostbite digging its way into my bones. I’m not exaggerating! Clouds rolled over us in the thiskest tufts as we made our way from one end of the themepark to another. I’ve never felt so cold in my life!

Clearly, I’m not made for European weather, which is perfectly fine by me. I’m a sun, sand, and beach girl through and through. I can’t love the sun enough!

It was so cold that I was eating non-stop just so I could get my hands on something warm. I wasn’t even hungry! LOL.

We steamrolled the rides as if our lives depended on it. We had waited what felt like forever for the rain to stop. Now that it has, it was daylight that we’re running short on!

Can you spot the Ninja Rabbit texting while on this spinning swing thingy ride? HAHAHA!

It was a good day most definitely, that one Friday spent outdoors dodging rain and icy winds, and braving the biting cold to go on rides because we were adamant about getting our money’s worth on them. We got smart halfway through, might I add, and sought refuge inside for about half an hour so that some feeling can return to our fingers and toes.

The indoor arcade was another world of its own.

I have the silliest boyfriend in the world ♥

I don’t even remember the last time all of us hung out together like this.

The gap in our age aside, the fact that we live easily 300km and more apart makes simply spending time together like this as rare as Christmas.

I so totally envy those who still live with their families and get to see them everyday before and after school/college/work. It gets lonely sometimes, being left out of so many family festivities!

I guess we all owe it to the birthday girl for picking this place out!

Hahaha this picture says everything there needs to be said about her.

Happy birthday again Kiemama (no that’s not her real name, just a nickname I devised for her to get on her nerves, which it does to no end tehehehehe!)! Sixteen’s a very special age to be – that’s when you become a young lady! And with becoming a lady there are certain things you can’t quite go about doing as you please now – like farting out loud then giggling about it, and basically all the fun stuff that made being a kid fun. So go eat more donuts and cake to celebrate the special occasion!

You have no idea how much I love my family. It’s ironic that it’s only after I’ve moved away from home – from them – that I come to realize that. I guess I just have to learn things the hard way sometimes, heh.

But who has time to mope about what cannot be helped right? Back I go to my very riveting Dean Koontz novel. Hope you have a great weekend! Mine’s looking pretty good from where I’m snuggled up in bed with some 800 pages of words by my one of my favourite authors.

Happy Sunday!

  1. You make me feel like going to a theme park now but they’re all closed during winter in UK. :( And I prefer the cold any day. I think I’m gonna miss the weather a lot when I leave UK.

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