We Don’t Wanna Be the Enemies of What We Used To Be

The rain hasn’t been kind since two days ago when many a plan of heading to the movies, indulging in outdoor brunches and even a picnic or two have been completely dashed. We were instead made to sit around at home all weekend, which really isn’t half as bad as it sounds. I had two whole days to catch up with the most important person in the world – me – and we chose to shamelessly dip both feet into the most conceited, self-indulgent pool of percolating narcissism we can afford. I went about my own thing trailing water on the floor with treatment cream in my hair; massaged scented lotion of the most divine fragrance all over; slept at 5am stalking my favourite blogs online; and took three whole hours to do my nails. I basically signed myself up for two whole days worth of pure pampering and spoiling. After all, I was not in a rush to go anywhere. The rain may not be all that bad a prospect after all.

My weekends are usually reserved for the other everyday things, the unglamorous but equally essential bits and pieces like sleeping in and missing breakfast, looking through my camera’s memory card for a quick recap of the week and perhaps, if I’m in the mood, doing the laundry. This weekend was no different. Yet in its own way, it was also a special one that rendered it one of its kind from the many other weekends. This weekend, I got the privilege of enjoying some special home-cooked tomato soup and sour cream and chives pasta still steaming in the bowl it was served to me in while the rain tore rabidly at the skies outside. You do not know the true joys of being a bum until you’ve had McDonald’s that had been delivered to your doorstep at close to 12am in bed. It takes idleness and indolence to a whole new level. As much as I love throwing on my favourite clothes and highest heels before heading out to take on the town and make it mine, I also enjoy the occasional lazy weekend when all we do is … well, absolutely nothing.

One of my proudest little accomplishment from this weekend of absolute laziness and languor, are my new nails, something I’m calling the She-Go nails hahaha.

If you haven’t already made the connection, this particular shade of green and black are the two dominant colours of Kim Possible’s arch nemesis She-Go, the really hot raven-haired chick who fights with green-flamed gloves.

What? She’s hot and I for some odd reason, always fall for the bad guys. Sue me.

I’m totally digging how they turned out (my nails I mean), considering how they were a spur of the moment idea which I just jumped into with limited tools, minimal skills and a pair of very shaky hands. A little messy, but I’ve never been one who cares too much for neatness anyway. Have I ever told you that after red, green – especially the likes of army, olive and dirty – is my second favourite colour? =P

I promise a proper post soon, but right now, I’m having the time of my life just soaking in all the good things coming my way. Currently as we speak, it’s a mug of warm Milo with all the cheese crackers I wish to counter the chills blowing in from the rain still ongoing outside. So in the meantime, here, feel free to stalk this blog which I think is simply God-amazing. Been stalking it a couple of days now and I’m still not bored so you know it’s something! Makes me wanna just grab my camera and go. All time, all day!

Alrightey, Milo calls. Goodnight!

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