"We on for Friday?"

Sometimes, I really am astounded by how people can over-commercialize something, say, a celebration *cough* and make such a huge gi-normous deal out of it when in truth, it is plain, well…. plain.

And to think Halloween isn’t even something we Malaysians consider as part of our supposedly “mixing-pot” culture. Pfft.

But then again when you live in a place as saddening – verging on pathetic even – as Malaysia, I guess you find every bit of excuse to celebrate.

So Halloween’s in like four days and guess how many versions of it does HELP choose to celebrate? Lol. I’ve had invites to four so far and still counting. HAH!

So there’s the HMC & A-levels collaberation one (which I’m also ticket agent for), the Psychology department one, the hostel one, and another at the ECF Damansara Church one that I already told Jun and the gang I’m not going.

After much brain-curdling, Jess and I have decided on it. We’re going for the HMC/A-levels one cause it’s the one we have to go to even if it’s just as support, then heading to Mist Club in Bangsar for their Lollipop-Crypt Halloween Bash.

Now, back to figuring out what I’m gonna go as.

Oh, the pressure….!! *head explodes*

Oh oh and did I mention that my phone’s coming in tomorrow?? Finally!! WHEE~!!

Dad didn’t trust the Malaysian postal system enough to Courier it over so we had to wait for almost two weeks before my uncle decides to finally make a trip down KL. Well, hell it’s about time!

I’ve missed my phone! And Samsung can go suck eggs for all I care. I’m still trying to figure out what the little white logo that’s appeared suddenly at the top right-hand corner means =.=

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