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Alright so it’s December! Time to pump up the festive cheer in this place and get in your jiggy mood! As you can see, things have been going amazing on my end, enough for me to take more than just a few selfies hehehe.

Where do I begin, the end of the year is almost upon us yet I feel like the year was just beginning to pick up. Never have I had this many things going on at once and so many good things loading themselves onto my plate back to back. At the same time, I’m immensely thankful for it all. Things are falling into place almost on their own accord. If I can reach through my computer screen and give each and every one of you a hug, I would! Happiness is just bursting forth from my chest as I type this, I can barely contain myself!

I think last weekend speaks for itself just how high up on the happiness bar I am.

The Ninja Rabbit and I went for our first ever fine dining experience together. It was so fancy, it required reservations and everything. Swanky. While we were there, we saw for ourselves people being turned away when all around us there were tables and chairs empty. It was one of those no reservations, no seating kind of place and I’ve never felt more spoilt!


I don’t know when the Ninja Rabbit made reservations but on Friday night he just told me to dress nice because he’s bringing me somewhere “special”. I thought he meant we were going to hike Bukit Tabur HAHAHAHAHAHAH. What, I really want to go after seeing amazing sunrise photos from the peak!


We ended up faaaaaaar away from Bukit Tabur and instead of hiking and sweating up a storm, I had a waiter show me to a table complete with the full works — crisp linen tablecloth, candle centrepiece and tall wineglasses. I didn’t even know how to pronounce the name of the place! Turns out SVAGO isn’t pronounced like how you think it is — instead it is an equally fancy “swa-go” lol. My bad.


My handsome date of the night. I don’t know how he does it, but four years and two months in to our relationship, he still gives me the butterflies in my tummy :3


Why all the fancy stuff when you know our usual idea of a good dinner would be KFC in bed in front of the laptop watching TV series? No, he didn’t propose lolololololol (although my heart did double in rate for a bit :P).

Remember how I’ve been saying something good and great is happening and I can’t wait to for it take off? This is 50% of it. Our efforts has paid off, we’ve reaped our first harvest and the fruit has never tasted sweeter. Another 50% is still in the works but this first part has grown so beautifully, it has only charged me on even more to work harder and and give it my all.

I still don’t feel  quite comfortable saying exactly what it is (if you’re close friends with the Ninja Rabbit or I, you should know hehehe) but let’s just raise our glasses to a happy cause.

(Yuh Ting, our turn will be next!)

I will remember this night forever :)


Yellow light definitely isn’t my best light, sigh. But you know what, it’s alright. I remember how I felt that night — that sense of achievement and knowing that even greater things are in the making — and that’s all that matters.

So what did we have at this fancy-pancy place? I don’t usually blog about food but we spent some good money there so I’m blogging about it :P


The waiter recommended that we start off with some garlic and basil stuffed escargot, so we took him up that. It was amazing. I’ve only ever had escargot either baked or grilled with cheese and often I found the cheese smothering, if not  completely overshadowing the taste of the mollusc, but this was the complete opposite. The basil only brought out the flavours of the snail and the garlic, as it always does, adds a fragrant note to a chewy, delightful mouthful.


We each ordered the seafood bouillabaisse for appetizer that came with so much seafood I was already half-full by the time I was done with it. It was also just as  amazing. Creamy codfish set the base of the broth, which was fragrant with the sweetness of shrimps, white squid and shellfish. I was most pleasantly surprised at the cute little lobster on top — it was the tiniest wee lobster I’ve ever seen!


The Ninja Rabbit had a wagyu steak for his main and despite the dirty looks I gave him, savoured every bite of the foie gras that came with it lol. I had a bite of his medium-rare wagyu and ZOMG Victoria Station’s steaks don’t even come remotely close. I hardly had to chew. The entire thing was just beautifully done.


Behold my lobster thermidore. Just looking at it is making me salivate. Ask my mum and she would tell you my favourite food in the world is prawns. Given that a lobster is basically a giant prawn, it explains all that needs to be explained about how much I enjoyed it. Chunks of sweet shellfish came off at the prod of my fork and every bite was an explosion of flavours. The texture was just right too, not too mushy and not too tough — a tricky balance to achieve when it comes to preparing lobsters. The squid ink pasta accompanying it was painfully dull if you ask me, but it was a necessity– it made for a nice palate cleanser after the salt from the cheese.

For dessert, neither of us felt up for something sweet, so opted for the next best thing instead.


Have I told you how much I love cheese??? In high school, I once finished a whole pack of parmesan by myself, poured over a single plate of spaghetti. It ended up looking more like a carbonara than the bolognese it started off as hahaha. The Ninja Rabbit suggested that perhaps we could finish off with a nice cheese platter instead of the conventional sweets and I jumped at it :D :D :D

It came with generous chunks of Bleu, cheddar, Swiss and my all-time favourite, Emmanthal, with an array of accompaniments, among them walnuts and rum-soaked grapes. We both unanimously agreed dessert was our favourite part of the whole meal, tehehehehe.


We sipped, we nibbled and we giggled for something like four hours to the most beautiful view we can afford this side of town. Yup, I certainly will remember that night for quite a while.

The very next day, the gang dropped by from Penang! They had bought tickets to We Love Asia where Avicii was playing. We decided to grab lunch at none other than Nirwana Banana Leaf Rice in Bangsar of course, because that’s where you bring anyone from out of town for some yummy local grub!


It’s always so good to see familiar faces again. It’s even better when it’s over some really good food!

The queue was massive that day but they sportingly waited it out nonetheless. Good things come to those who wait I suppose hehehe.


I know I was just home less than 3 weeks ago, but seeing them made me realise how much I’ve missed them all. Sure with technology these days, keeping in touch is only a message or phonecall away, but it’s just not the same you know? I can be 6, 14, 18, 23 all at once with them. That’s one of the most refreshing things to have now that I’ve had a taste of what it’s like being an adult.


Happy, genuine smiles! My all-time favourite thing to capture :) It’s confounding how something so common and so simple has become one of the rarest things to find these days. But I guess that only teaches you to appreciate it all the more when you come across one. On a side note, I’ve always loved Sarah’s smile :D

Happiness didn’t have any time to rest last weekend because right after that crazy two days, the following was the surprise party we had planned for Aida!


As with all surprise parties, there was complete havoc and chaos prior to the birthday girl’s arrival hahahaha. All that could go wrong, went wrong. People got lost, the pizza came late, we ran out of water, the birthday girl refused to cooperate. In other words, it was the best party ever!


Seriously, half the fun of a party, is planning for it and making it happen. The more stress and duress you undergo, the more fun you’ll recall of the party when you look back on it. So long as you get the crucial parts right (which we did!) you have yourself the most successful party you can ever plan :)


The birthday girl was surprised, we had enough food for everyone, we got birthday girl drunk AND we didn’t break anything — what else can you ask for? :D :D :D



Seeing people I care about happy and basking in all that happiness? Yup, that pretty much makes up my ideal Saturday and Sunday.


We even brought along the infamous Arnaud’s Drinking Game! Before long everyone was laughing at everyone and you know that’s always a reliable sign of a good night. Don’t know what that is? Look it up online! I totally recommend playing it at your next house party hehehe.


I don’t really know what the Ninja Rabbit was trying to do here but I think it was part of a magic trick hahahaha. He was trying to make a caramel custard appear out of thin air. Did it work? Yup.


Super Rings! Who can say no to Super Rings?? Certainly not Shayne :P



Check it out! I took this on fully Auto mode on the Samsung Galaxy camera! I think Aida looks super pretty blowing out her candles here :3

Happy birthday, babe! It’s officially your birthday once this is published! Hehehehe.


Hahaha is it bad if the one thing that pops to my mind at seeing this shot is the phrase, “Geeks will rule the world”? It’s an inside joke among us hehehe.


Just a quick update because I have work tomorrow and it’s getting late. Here we bid our goodbyes! Till next time! As it is, I should be asleep two hours ago but all these good vibes in me is getting too much to contain and I need to share it with you guys.

December is here, let’s make the most out of it! Final month to rock out the rest of the year so you go out not only in a bang, but with fireworks! Life is amazing; being alive is amazing. And always remember, beauty is around every corner if you’ll just keep an eye out for it :)

Happy December guys and stay awesome till the next time we meet again! :D


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