Where We Go We Don’t Need Roads, Where We Stop Nobody Knows

Last week was one of the weirdest weeks I’ve had in a while. I hardly remember what went on at all, what more effectively digest the events that occured to fully interpret its significance. But last week was nonetheless still a good week, because many happy things pleasantly surfaced during. And with April Fool’s slot in somewhere in the middle, it is most definitely anything but boring.

A quick recap on what’s been going on just to keep you guys up to date.

I’m now officially on the HELP Athletics team, doing their long distance relays for them in this coming MAPCU. I initially joined to only go for the training in hopes that it would help me prepare for my first half marathon in June, but after some persuasion from a few on the team, I decided to why not try winning myself a few medals for the uni while at it. It might also be my last chance to participate in anything like this for the rest of my life, so bearing in mind my vow to do as many things (crazy or not) before the end of this year, why not, right? Really, all of us should ask ourselves that more often: “Why not?”. What have we got to lose? Why not just give it a shot? What are we afraid of? Why not?

It’s one of the best things I’ve chosen to keep as a motivator in living a more fulfilled life.

Also, I’m itching like mad to do something to my hair, which is getting too boring these days. I’m seriously considering curls, and because I’m too damn lazy to face the heating tongs everytime I want volumnous cascades of gorgeous waves ala Kate Beckinsale in Underworld, I’m considering a permanent perm. What say you?

My only concern is that it might be too high maintenance for my lazy nature. Big hair like that should tangle quite a bit and I usually snip off (yes, with a pair of scissors) whatever knots I find in my hair. Can’t be doing that 16 times a day or something now =(

But in happier news, a sweet little darling turned 2 over the weekend, and we were invited to go celebrate her special day together with her. Her grandfather, a friend of the Ninja Rabbit’s and easily the awesome-st grandpa around, booked an entire afternoon at Laundry Bar for the event, so you know we were as excited about the food that’s going ot be served as we are about the prospect of cake! ;]

Little Abby, the birthday girl, who as you can see loves her chicken, with her awesome Mummy. I wish I could rock a pixie crop like that! So Aggy, I swear.

The party was so pretty in that every little detail has been thought of thoroughly and thoughtfully. The balloons, the gifts, the snacks and even the napkins were coordinated to a same theme. And everything served that afternoon was sooooooo good. I have a rough idea now on how and where I may want to celebrate my 21st! I know it’s not till August which is like eons away as we speak, but it never hurt anyone to think ahead and be prepared, right? ;] Why not, remember? Haha!

How cute is the cake and those cookies? =D

The Ninja Rabbit only naturally had to steal the spotlight a little with his cards. I love the glow that he gets on his face when an audience breaks out in exclamations of shock and disbelief. It’s like it fuels him or something, and his smile is that little bit wider and his eyes that little bit shinier.

I want that cake!

It was a short reception, but one that was sweet and saturated with family love. Totally made me miss mine back home =(

Which brings me to another predicament. An opportunity has cropped up somewhere for me to train at a photography company where I’ll get to learn from the best and take the photos I’ve always wanted to take. They’ll even pay me for my time should I choose to stay with them and work part time after I’ve completed the training. Only problem is that the training would commence during my semester break, and I’m not all that sure that I’m willing to give up my two and a half weeks back home with my most loved whom I’ve not seen in a while. I’ve got about a month more to think it through, so wish me luck that some form of enlightenment would come to me on what I should do that’s for the best.

We loitered around a bit after the party was over, since it was the weekend and this Street Market thing the Curve has going on every weekend was happening right outside Laundry. We went our own merry way, but I wish I could say we blended right in. With a bunch of helium balloons the Ninja Rabbit had insisted on bringing home, and two bright pink lollipop cookies in hand, we most definitely looked a silly sight!

Since it was he who wanted the balloons, I told him he could hold onto them while I did my shopping, and that was the look he wore at having to carry pink and purple balloons around. The lollipop cookies totally completed the look! Hahaha.

Now doesn’t that make a downright adorable sight, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

But complain though he did at the beginning, I did turn around once only to catch him looking rather happy with his cookie. He is such a baby sometimes, give him something sweet to stuff in his mouth, and he’ll be happy and jolly on his way xD

These balloons mark the start of April, can you believe it? April! We’re now into the fourth month of this year! Wasn’t it just a week ago or something that I had just returned from Singapore, dreading the classes that were going to start in a week’s time and all the other daily humdrum January usually brings? Between my presentation this coming Monday, MAPCU in a few weeks’ time, and my half marathon in June, time is definitely flying by way too fast for my liking. Slow down! I’m only at number 3 with my do-10-crazy-things-before-the-end-of-this year list! I need more time!

I leave you now with a picture of a cupcake because I like ending things on a sweet note. May this pretty little thing be my good luck charm for the coming week. It’s Week 12 people! That’s when the Grim Reaper comes to collect his assignments and term projects. Hope you’re at least 70% done with yours! As for me, I’m off to perfect my presentation slides for a small speech I have to give on Monday.

All the best to you, and you, and you! =)

  1. OMG! U WENT FOR THAT PARTY??? =( I didnt go… AND OMG! SMALL WORLD! Aris knows my friend’s father. And omg Abby so big girl already! And hmmm… I better not say much la. But, DAMN SMALL WORLD!!!

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