Who Called the Cops with the Helicopter, Who Called the Girl with the Bedroom Eyes?

It has begun.

The assignments are out of the way, and all presentations are over and done with. The end of the semester is so near I can smell its sweet, sweet scent of freedom. December has rolled around with only a few weeks left leading up to Christmas. You know what that means. License to party!! I love December if only for the insane number of parties all lined up in a row. Christmas and all the wonderful things that come with it aside, it’s the last month of the year, the last thirty days to make it a year worth remembering. We’re finishing strong and sprinting all the way!

We started out by celebrating Will the Beale’s 21st birthday.

Sexy is not shy.

At Bedroom, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur no less, because we’re too bad ass for overrated places like ZOUK’S like that, heh.

The objective of the night? To get Will so hammered he won’t remember a single thing.

Challenge accepted.

We started out slow.

Technically, we still weren’t really done with classes yet, but I guess there’s no harm in having a little sneak peek fun two weeks before Finals? A little warm-up before the big kids come out to play the moment we can say goodbye to exams too, so to speak.

Plus, it’s the dude’s birthday! We can’t possibly just let it go by without at least singing him a birthday song, can we?

Most everyone took turns buying him drink after drink, it was hilarious. It was like everyone was adamant about getting him smashed, yet he seemed genuinely unconcerned, just shrugging and smiling away in all his “Will-ness“, LOL.

It just made the rest most persistent, I think.

In their effort, more drinks were brought to the table, which only worked even more in our favour. Who’s ever complained about more drinks? =P

I’m all for being happy, yo!

I love these people. I’m so going to miss all of them when we finally graduate and head our separate ways =(

Seriously, they are the awesomest uni mates ever. I wouldn’t trade being in the Department of Communication for any other Department in the world. We really know how to sit back, relax and have fun even when faced with the most daunting time of the semester, you know? And that is vital, I feel, because being all strung up and constipated gets you no where. Holding in all that shit is bad for your system, anyone will tell you that.

I’m just really glad that we’ve all unanimously agreed on the importance of “taking a break” every once in a while to let off steam, especially during the times when most consider it pertinent to slog away till you lose your soul.

But I digress. I’m getting sentimental here, and that’s not at all the point of this post. Where was I?

Right, more drinks to ensure Will cannot stand no more at the end of the night x)

At any given moment of the night, someone, without fail, was feeding him something. But the cutest was when his cake finally came and his face lit up like little boy’s. Not sure if it’s the alcohol, but it was the most endearing sight ever!

Yayyyy brother-sister pic! Excuse me, but I just get excited at sibling photos, heh. And are Will’s eyes in this shot sign that everybody’s efforts were finally paying off? Tehehehehe.

Even if it took him a while to get there, we certainly had a ball of a time facilitating the process ;]

Didn’t we, boys? Heh.

Even found my doppelganger that night, who must be a VIP at Bedroom of some sort, since they had her picture hung up grand and mighty on the wall, tehehehehehe. We even have the same red belt and all =D

Happy Birthday again, Will! Hope you had a great a time getting smashed, as we did trying to get you there!

One last thing. I’ve been having people ask me all sorts of questions about my hair, so I thought I’d just clear it up here once and for all.

If you think my hair’s blonde, you’re right. If you think my hair’s a purplish mahogany, you’re right as well. It’s a funky combo that even I myself am trying to get used to, to be honest, but I’d be lying if I say I don’t love it. They also layered it (yes, they cut quite a significant amount of hair away, thank you very much!) in such a way that both colours play peekaboo at once, so sometimes the colour comes out really light, while during others, it’s a little darker. Think it’s ingenius?

All credits go to TONI&GUY. They’re sponsoring my hair for the next half a year, woo-hoo!! (Ask for Roy, he’s the mastermind behind this particular hair job).

This weekend, my family’s in town so I’m gonna stop here now and get some sleep so I can spend more time with them tomorrow! Have a nice weekend all, and make sure to enjoy the last few leisures of December before its gone, replaced by 2012!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. i’m a huge fan of the hair – yay to layers and funky colors! eeek, it’s so magical. haha. :) love it. and that black dress + red belt looks really good on you!

    i know what you mean about december – it’s packed with the closure of uni & heaps of fun times. i can’t wait. and christmassss. my favorite season of the year! too excited. just two more weeks till i’m done with my finals! hah.

    all the best to you, sweetie! have a kickass december! xx

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