Why Brown is Alfred’s Favourite Colour

Today we have a very special guest guest-blogging on my behalf because I’m going nuts just trying to pack for Cambodia hehehe. There are so many things I want to bring (because I’m a girl like that) and part of me wants to also bring all my different camera lenses to take all the photos I can in our 6 days there. However the rational side of me is telling me to travel light so moving about won’t be too much of a hassle and also to minimize the risk of losing our valuables in the midst of travel. See my predicament?

To help ease my workload, Alfred is taking over the keyboard today. Let’s hear what he has to say! =D

Hello, fellow Netizens! We’ve met once before but just in case you’ve forgotten, it’s me again, Alfred, the cutest, fluffiest and most adorable teddy bear you’re gonna meet online. To read more about me and my adventures, click on the Alfred-ism tag in the tagcloud widget to your right hehe. You’ll want to because I do the most interesting things at home when the humans are away! ;]

Today, the blog mistress is on another one of her panic meltdowns again because she can’t decide which camera lens to bring to Camboba and the really tall guy who usually has to take all her tantrums is at the end of his wits trying to come up with a solution. Perfect timing for me to sneak some online time on their computer! =D

I’ve told you what I usually do at home when the humans are out, now I wanna tell you all about my favourite colour, brown. And what better way to show you how much the colour brown means to me than by showing it through means of my favourite foods! =D

Why do I like the colour brown?

For starters, Nutella is brown. Nutella is the world’s yummiest breadspread I tell you. If you disagree with me, I’m sorry to tell you that you have no tastebuds. Why stop at calling it a breadspread. Eat it with anything!! Crackers, scones, cupcakes, blend it into milkshake. Eat it on its own. The possibilities are unless given a little creativity. Everytime I see the colour brown I’ll automatically think of Nutella now, my favouritest food in the whole wide world.

Guess what else is brown?? Yes, PEANUT BUTTER!! My second most favourite food in the world is brown too. Coincidence? I think not. Who doesn’t like peanut butter, really. I’ve never met a single person, human or bear, who doesn’t like peanut butter. Chucky or creamy, sweet or with a slight hint of salt, I like them all. I can eat it straight out of the jar or paired with other stuff like bread, and I can eat it anytime of the day. Have you ever tried a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich??? That was the day I went into hyperventilation from what the humans call it a sugar-overdose but if you ask me, it was more of a happiness overdose. Peanut butter and Nutella together makes for the most heavenly afternoon snack!

Chocolate’s brown too, the one food that’s scientifically proven to be the world’s number one most craved food. I don’t doubt that statement at all because in our house of three girls, the fridge is always stocked with all sorts of chocolate bars like this. Most other people’s fridges are probably always stocked with beer or something but ours always has chocolate. We never — never — run out of chocolate. Chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins upon consumption, that’s natural happy hormones produced by the brain that generates feelings of pleasure and promotes a sense of wellbeing. Must be because it’s brown in colour =P

Mustard…is not brown. But I reckon if you left it out long enough it’d eventually turn brown haha! I just really like mustard so I wanted to make a small mention of it.

What else is brown?

The blog mistress’s favourite ice-cream is brown! Yes, she loves Magnum ice-cream and can have one a day if the really tall guy doesn’t stop her. Her record for Magnums consumed in one sitting is something like 4 I believe, one of those days with she wasn’t feeling well and was complaining about some kind of cramps in her lower abdomen. She doesn’t like just any Magnum ice-cream either; her favourite’s the Chocolate Brownie one. Brownie because it’s brown inside and out? Hehe. The Chocolate Brownie Magnum is my favourite one too ^_^

Speaking of foods that this house never runs out of — ICE-CREAM! Everyone who’s ever visited our place before loves opening our freezer and helping themselves to the never-ending stock of ice-cream we seem to have. It’s not like we go out and get it re-stocked on purpose everytime we’re anywhere near finishing our supply. Some stroke of luck will always bless us with so much ice-cream we will think we can’t possibly finish, but end up doing just that anyway hehe. The fastest to finish will always be the chocolate ice-cream, that also happens to be brown in colour! There’s just something about foods that come in this wonderfully delicious colour I tell you. They all taste equally as good as they look!

And the best reason why brown is an awesome colour to have all around?

Cuz I’m brown in colour!! There’s no colour sexier to be in if you ask me. Brown isn’t only a pleasant colour to look at, it’s been associated with only the best traits in people too.

What are some of the things that come to your mind when you think or see the colour brown? Warmth, stability, comfort, and all things nice, I’m sure. It makes me think of my warm little bed in my happy little home filled with all my favourite yummy foods to fill my happy little stomach. Nothing makes me feel right at home and a greater sense of belonging than this down-earth and reliable shade of nature.

Is it any wonder that all my favourite foods I listed above come in the colour brown? Seriously think about it! Nutella, peanut butter, chocolate and ice-cream… The odds that they all just happen to be brown in colour is too damn high! There’s bound to be some mysterious force of the universe at work here. Because we all know all brown foods are the yummiest! And we also all know what lies at the opposite end *coughs* green veggies *coughs*.

If you also love the colour brown like me, but unfortunately do not have a great bodily metabolism unlike me, here’s another way you can still have brown in your life!

The Samsung Galaxy Note II now comes in the colour brown so you can pretend you’re carrying a bar of chocolate around for a little pick-me-up any time of day.

It’s not just any brown either. It’s a nice Amber Brown that’s a timeless classic colour, a nice strong and bold colour of tree-wood resin that will never go out of style. My favourite part? It makes me think of dark chocolate, or the chocolate sauce you usually drizzle on top of towering ice-cream sundaes =D

If you like me, love the colour brown, then this is the phone for you!! The blog mistress recently got an S4 that’s white in colour and while that’s pretty to look at and all, I think this brown is more enigmatic in a lot of ways. The really tall guy has a Note I that’s black in colour and in comparison with this brown unit, black suddenly seems quite boring to look at.

Plus, who doesn’t like having a phone that looks like a chocolate bar?? That’s like endorphins on the go everytime you use your phone! = D

So go now to your nearest Samsung retailer and have a look at this pretty new edition of the Samsung Note II.

If you can, do me a favour and lick it for me. Then let me know if it tastes as good as it looks =D

Anything brown usually only means good things!

    welcome back to the internetttttt
    i miss pulling your hands!!! you cute little tiny brown thing! *loads of wet sloppy kisses*

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