Yellow Journalism

Before we begin, allow me to say that the last couple of days have just been crazy! Insane, nuts, BONKERS, I tell you!

Then again, when is life after Finals never at the very least interesting, no? ;)

(That in reality is simply my excuse – albeit a very feeble one, heh – for not having updated in close to five days =D) Moving on.

It’s been approximately 60 hours since I put down my pen after finishing my last Mass Comm paper, and suffice to say, I have indeed been up and about eversince. So much has been going on that I’m this close to stopping and crying out for a time-out, lol. I kinda feel like I’m running low on fuel at this point, with the exhaustion and slight dehydration finally kicking in XD But what’s the fun in not being in the direct eye of the storm? Heh.

As I sit here typing this, I’ve just returned from a very productive evening with none other than my best babe Miss Jolene Khor. Sure, the four blisters from M.O.S. last night were giving me hell and walking around in four-inch heels wasn’t helping one bit, but I’m yet to come across that which can ever come between girls and shopping.

Having said that, it goes without saying that I indulged in a little wee bit of shopping today =D =D =D

[I’ll blog about yesterday’s Mad 2 Max Hip-Hop Dance Competition as soon as I get the pictures from Michelle, I promise!]

So, aside from ogling at cute guys when we’re not stuffing ourselves silly with to-die-for cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries (SWEET POTATO FRIES!!! Get a load of that!! Hahaha) we also did a lot of this thing that came about sometime in the 40’s. You’ll love it, it’s called talking and catching up.

I can’t believe the girl’s leaving for the US in 30 days! THIRTY DAYS!!! That’s in less than a month’s time ='(

After the 15th of August I honestly have no idea when’s the next time I’ll be seeing her again.

However, as reluctant as I am to have her leave, I still secretly think she chose to fly 87450252miles away on the very eve of my birthday just so she’ll escape from having to get me a present! ;)

Seriously though, I’ve done and gone through so much shit with the girl that I don’t even know what the correct words are to describe how I feel at her impending departure, what more what to buy her as a farewell gift. But what I do know is that she’s left quite an impressionable mark in my life, one that’s most definitely not going to fade off anytime soon. It might dull a little in colour given the distance that’s gonna come between us in a month’s time, but fear not, like a – to use a familiar common ground – tattoo, it’s here to stay for good! =)

Sides, her leaving isn’t a sad moment to mourn over. She’s headed towards bigger and better things and that alone is all the reason in the world to rejoice.

After all, we’ve always known that we’re just too cool to remain as the big fish in a little pond.

Come what may, we’re gonna be the two biggest giants of fishes in the biggest pond in the whole wide world =)

And pinky promise on that!

Joles & KM

Allow me some unwarranted narcissism here: Have my cheeks visibly shrunk into a somewhat normal size in proportion to human terms or what?! Tehehehehe. My half-dimple (half being that it’s an artificially induced one through years of pressing a pen or pencil into my cheek whenever I’m daydreaming in class) can finally be seen again!

Damn the dude in green for ruining what could have been a great picture =.= Oh, well.

OK, feel free to return to whatever you may have been doing prior to this, ladies and gents. I’m going to get myself some icecream now.

Have an awesome night ahead!


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