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One more paper tomorrow and I’m good to go. Whee~!! =)

Marketing Principles today was alright, considering how my studying for it consisted only of me flipping through the pages of my Marketing textbook about 2 hours before the paper XD

Spent the next hour and a half that followed what was supposed to be my ‘study time’ watching Jeff Dunham with Aris at the com lab instead, heh. I think we irritated the shit out of quite a few people, laughing so loudly as if we owned the place. Well, screw you. I’m in the middle of my finals too but do you see me acting all uptight? =P

Sides, it was Aris’s fault entirely. Really it is! He started the entire thing with his odd little Nintendo game thingy thingy, and then brought Jeff Dunham into the picture! I never stood a chance XD

And then Ragu came in somewhere in between to tell this joke about flying pigs that I still don’t get. Oh, well.

As of right now, I really should be studying for my Human Comm paper tomorrow. But I’ve got Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles in my bag just waiting for me to watch. And we all know which between the two is gonna win this round tehehehehe.

Who can resist watching Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo and Raphael whoop butt and save the world?? =D

Oh, hey! One of the turtles share your middle name, Aris!! XD

Im’ma go eat something now. Lalala. The Big Apple doughnuts earlier hardly count as dinner.

Catch you later, losers.

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