You’re Something Beautiful; A Contradiction

Today I learnt that sometimes, the unfortunate long breaks in between classes aren’t necessarily always a bad thing. Sure, they’re annoying because with two hours, you can’t quite go anywhere without having to rush back, nor can you just loiter around without going mad from doing absolutely nothing for two whole hours. I myself hate it when my timetable gives me hours in between classes to kill but nothing to kill them with! But I’m a lucky girl. Few girls are honestly as fortunate as I to have boyfriends who’ll drop by college just because I complained (only a tiny bit I swear!) about the sudden load of time on my hand with nothing to do with it. In this instance, long breaks in between classes are the perfect opportunity to go on a nice lunch date where you take your time with sipping your tea and nibbling on your sandwich before slowly taking your own sweet time to make your way back to class.

Today, we were in the mood for some awesome hillside scenery with minimal traffic to get in the way of our enjoying the sky and the trees, so to Decanter’s it was, a quaint little cafe tucked in the corner of a row of small shoplots buried in the midst of a small hill. Caesar salads and club sandwiches go best with fresh air and refreshing greenery, didn’t you know? =P

Can you tell how excited I was at the prospect of their uber awesome desserts? =D

Tempting, but not quite what I have in mind for a light lunch. Don’t wanna get put right to sleep in class later xD

I absolutely love this place, not only because the food is one of the best I’ve had in miserable KL yet (don’t get me wrong, I love this city but having been brought up in Penang, food from anywhere else won’t ever compare) it’s also very reasonably priced, with a lovely atmosphere, environment and view to boot.

The mushrooms were to die for in this penne aglio olio. I’m a sucker for anything that has got mushrooms in them so you can only imagine how over the roof I was at the amount that came with the pasta – it came laden with those lovely things =) The Ninja Rabbit loved every drop of the Oxtail Soup but I thought it was nothing compared to the Caesar salad, which came with a more than but a generous serving of ham and grilled chicken. I’m developing a penchant for salads, something I used to call rabbit food and horse feed. I feel all zen awesome inside after a giant bowl of greens like I did my body an awesome favour =D

No, I didn’t cut my hair; I have no idea why it looks exceptionally short today. But it is quite time for a trip to my hairdresser’s considering the state of my hair ends. They’re putting images of Australian bush fires to my mind! =(

Outfit! =D

Off-white off-shoulder top: Cat’s Whiskers
Cuffed denim shorts: Cotton On
Sunnies: Forever21
Shoes: Vincci
Bag: Pull+Bear
Accessories: Everywhere

I love lunchdates with my Ninja Rabbit =) They come by way too rarely for my liking on account of our clashing schedules, but when they do, they always bring with them such great moments that even my camera cannot quite capture fast enough. I try, but these snapshots, these little snippets, are never going to come anywhere near the real thing. I suppose life’s like that. We can’t ever have that which we like as and when we like, can we? But we try anyway to make them last as best we can and more importantly, we try our hardest to make them worth remembering. We try to make our time here with the people who matter worthwhile. And I think that matters more than anything because at the end of the day when all has been said and done, memories are all that we have as proof that we had lived a life worth living.

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